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We have entered very interesting times.  Things may not be as they appear………The old ways are crumbling.  The new ways are in blueprint form.  We are being stretched creatively to live out our new ways of being.  We are being called to use our imaginations and create our lives around our deep inner sense of “Heaven on Earth.” 

Day to day this means using all our tools to hold a positive vision of how we would like life to be.  We are used to looking at life from the “What is the worst that could happen?” perspective.

The “worst that could happen” is only one possibility out of the unlimited scenarios that our infinite universe holds.

As tough life situations occur, begin to give more and more weight to the infinite “heaven on earth” possibilities and less to the one “worst that could happen” scenario.

Example:  I borrowed books 1-7 out of a series of 12 from my employer.  Before I quit I was upset I would not be able to complete the series. I mourned the books the whole last week I was there. I was going to miss the books more than the job!   “Worst case”: I would have to buy 5 books to complete the series.  Hmmm, time to think of BEST case scenarios.  Here goes my imagination……

1. I could ask and they would let me borrow the books after I quit

2. Maybe one of my friends owns them.

3. Maybe I will find the books in my mailbox (possible!)

4.  I might have them in storage and not even know it. 

5. Maybe someone will hand them to me when I am at the tea shop.

6. Maybe some handsome man will ring my doorbell and give me the books and fall instantly in love with me and be my soul mate. And of course he will be very attractive and sensitive and funny and own a couple of beach homes (possible!)

Fun!  Meanwhile, I asked before I quit and they agreed to continue to loan the books to me.  So I ventured out to pick up book 8 at my old employer yesterday. They gave me the whole series to keep. So, I can finish the series at my leisure and I can loan them out to others.  I also was gifted five additional books by the same Author.  Bonus…I met my soul mate and he is handsome and he is going to buy me a beach home…( just kidding, but possible!!) .

I know this was not a major tough life situation.  But it is a simple explanation of the task at hand.  We need to use our imagination to give attention to a joy-filled life.

Stop concentrating on the rubble of the old. Use those blueprints of “heaven on earth” to imagine wonderful possibilities.

Join the “Heaven on earth” dream club.  Share your blueprints.  Get your friends to join.

Love, Laura