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How To Get a Reading
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Laura does not require any advanced knowledge about you to be able to tune into your situation and be of assistance in your reading. Her insights are channeled from the same God-source available to us all – she has just deeply developed inner listening and visualization skills that all of us will one day be able to tap into.

Just as with I-Ching, Tarot, and other sacred oracles, the more thoughtfully you prepare for your session with Laura, the more quickly you may be able to apply the information you get in your reading. Whether you choose to ask one or many questions is up to you.

You don't have to worry about remembering what Laura tells you, because she will send you a tape recording of the session. In fact, many times the lessons that sink in the furthest will be hardest to remember until you listen to your tape.

Cost: $70 for an hour session, $40 for 1/2 hour. Your private payment information is secured by PayPal. We never even see it! Be at ease — we need your mailing address at check-out only to send you your session tape and will never share it with anybody else! We ask for your phone number so we can contact you about this reading only. Your privacy is our priority.


Yes, book my full 1 hour session with Laura ($70 per half-hour, tape included)


Yes, book my 1/2 hour session with Laura ($40 per half-hour, tape included)