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Links and References

A list of trusted web sites recommended by Laura that might also interest you and be valuable to your
spiritual growth


Here's what Laura's clients have to say about her work:

"I left my first session with Laura, over 5 years ago, feeling unconditionally and wholly understood . . . I was very aware of her ability to feel my energy, to truly understand the struggles of my soul without having said a word. She provides a safe and welcoming place to explore my confusion and pain toward a deeper awareness . . . toward a greater understanding . . . toward releasing patterns that do not serve my highest good.

Sessions with Laura calm my soul. Just being in the energetic field that she ushers in creates change. Energetically, she cuts through any drama I create and sees through to the heart of the matter with nurturance and love. It guides me to my center . .. . where I am connected to the Divine and in need of nothing . . . where I can just "be" and feel utterly full in that space.

It reminds me of a saying I happened upon years ago, 'Seek a mate that calms the turbulence in your soul, not one that stirs it.' Laura's very essence calms the soul's turbulence. She is a blessing and an inspiration."


"Laura has been my spiritual adviser for several years now. She easily connects to the highest Diving Sources for clear guidance. Her comments range from the literal interpretation of events to the symbolic, showing a true depth of understanding. She is a warm, compassionate person who is a joy to work with and a valued and trusted friend and adviser."



"I have known Laura for many years, and have had many, many experiences with her insights, readings, channelings; whatever name you want to give her talent! I know and totally trust in her ability, and know her to be clear and accurate and right on target. She does not allow her own filters to get in the way of what is true, and she relates what is given without her own interpretation. She is kind, gentle, and a very loving soul, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone!"